Grand Palais

nine to five: Elisa Storelli13.–21.09.2020

nine to five: Elisa Storelli – Ieri ricordato domani (2020)

täglich vom 13.–21. September 2020, von 21 bis 5 Uhr am Grand Palais

The exhibition series “nine to five” proposes an alternative spatiality and a different time logic. At irregular intervals, various artists present their moving images in public space. Each video will be projected on several consecutive days, on weekdays and weekends, from 9 pm to 5 am in a loop. Cur. Deborah Müller

Elisa Storelli’s “Ieri ricordato domani“ (2020) is a single shot video of a clock moving between two temporal units: “Yesterday” and “tomorrow” become abstract parameters and as evanescent as any momento: Duration, time’s own essence, disappears in our memory. The Swiss train clock that stands for precision, punctuality and reliability loses its function and value. With it, the idea of a “day“ is reduced to the arbitrary length of one minute and a circular, repetitive movement.

Elisa Storelli (*1986) lives in Berlin, where she graduated from Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in 2014. She currently works on a project called, a digital platform for peer to peer exchange among artists, which is developed to facilitate the connection of art fragments. More information: